Goya FRINGE X PRO - Surfwave 3 stecche 2022/23

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Featuring the same quality window film as the Fringe Pro, with the addition of ultra-strong Spectra yarns for added tear resistance. An entire window area full wide spaced X-Ply.

The Fringe X Pro is the most lightweight, smooth power delivering and effortless handling sail in the Goya wave range, yet it packs some hefty armor, and this is why it is big wave team rider Levi Siver’s top pick, as well as his personal Pro Model. All other performance features of the Fringe X Pro are identical to the Fringe Pro. Pro Construction, X-Ply window, Scrim panels.

Available in 2,8, 3,0, 3,3, 3,5, 3,7, 4,0, 4,2, 4,5, 4,7, 5,0, 5,3, 5,5, 5,7, 6,3 square meters.
Available in Blue & Fluo Yellow.

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