Goya ECLIPSE PRO - Variowave 5 stecche 2022/23

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We are super please to re-introduce a favorite, the Eclipse Pro. A concept once abandoned in favor of 4 and 3 batten sails, 5 batten wave sails are back on the rise, due to lighter materials and build concepts developed over the past decade.

Marcilio Browne pushed for a 5 batten sail to deliver more stability with an additional batten aloft. The Eclipse Pro is a Variowave concept, with a huge range in mind, form light wind capability - due to its light build weight - to super strong storm conditions - due to its added control abilities. Complementing the Banzai Pro 4 batten sail, the Eclipse Pro 5 batten wave sail is an excellent option if you sail a spot with big wind strength changes within the sailing area, or if the wind super gusty and you still want a “power” wave sail. Heavier riders often benefit from five battens in sails 5.0 and larger. The Eclipse Pro is Marcilio Browne’s personal Pro Model. Pro Construction, Bi-Ply window & Scrim panels.

Available in 3,7, 4,0, 4,2, 4,5, 4,7, 5,0, 5,3, 5,5, 5,7, 6,0, 6,3 square meters.
Available in Fluo Yellow & White.

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