Goya ONE 3 CARBON - Freewave thruster 2022/23

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Wave Outline, Slalom Rocker, Freeride Comfort. In the midst of all those perks, the One 3 Carbon is 100% dedicated. Zero compromise. The all new shapes melt together explosive speeds, range and ultimate comfort. The new One 3 Carbon shapes are more stable and faster, with the deck more domed back under your feet and less in the front toward the mast track area.

Ride it with the center straps or outboard straps, as a single fin or as a thruster, comes ready to customize for you and for all conditions. The new rail and deck flow improve its agility and comfort on the longer choppy runs, while the new compact outline improves stability and early planning. Our fastest rockers move the ONE to plane early and hit top speeds with minimum effort. All sizes come with Mini Tuttle sides and Power Box center fin for their lightness, simplicity of use, and compatibility with larger fins sizes. New Smaller size 77: With a bit narrower stance option, it also suits the smaller riders and the windier conditions. Single or Double straps option on the back.

Medium Sizes 85 & 95: In-board and Out-board straps options in the front and back
Larger and XXL Sizes 105 & 115: Same as the 85 & 95 on the inserts but with added volume on the standing area.

Sharper rockers and rails for the bigger riders and lighter winds. Francisco Goya: “I was surprised how all the raw & pure ingredients worked together. The boards came out fast and comfortable, but what really surprised me was all that happened in between, how easy these shapes transitioned from floating to planning, from comfortably sailing to blasting over chop and how easy they rolled into the jibe, that is where the magic came in and made me stay out for one more run.” Two years in the making, the new five board range with new shapes spans from a small 77 to a large 115 liters, all offering outstanding construction qualities, akin to our professional wave lineup. Bio-Resin is used in all Goya boards, and the One is no exception. We’re opting for a Powerbox on the One 3 Pro for simplicity and strength. For fins we chose the MFC TF for the 77 & 85 and the FW 95, 105 & 115. Giving you the options of control and confort, this Freewave board features in-board and out-board inserts.

Dual Density Pads complete the plush package.
Carbon Construction, Full Carbon & S-Glass Hull. Bio Resin.

Available in 77, 85, 95, 105, 115 liters.
Powerbox center, 3rd Gen. Slot Boxes 10 cm sides.

Available in Fluo Blue & Bright Red

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